Corporate Events

Having good team morale is a benefit to any business and the productivity of it’s employees. Holding an event at LaserZone is an ideal way to help achieve this goal.

Our teambuilding or morale-boosting events are completely tailored to the needs of each individual organisation, as each team & their members are different and the goals that the company want to achieve from each event vary.

Lasertag is fun for all ages - it’s completely clean, painless and a non-contact activity, plus with it being indoors, you are not subject to the weather or only being able to play during daylight hours.

Corporate Events

When you hold an event at either LaserZone site, you will have exclusive use of the centre for your company. Events typically last 2-3 hours, although this is very flexible and can be shorter or longer, depending on your needs.

Sometimes you just want to reward your staff with a fun outing. For these events we run a variety of game modes, during your time with us. 

We normally start off with a video briefing, which goes through how to use the equipment and our safety rules, then a solo or “free-for-all” game, so players can get used to the arena. We then play a variety of fun games, with breaks in between, so people can have a drink, “comfort break” and discuss who tagged whom, etc… in the previous game. Game modes could include Infection, Gladiator, Escape, Shadows, Highlander, Immortals and many more - In a typical 3 hour session, we can normally fit in between 6 and 10 different games.


If you are looking for a more structured teambuilding event, we have game modes where the players MUST work as a team, to win. Games such as LaserBall (lasertag football), Capture the Flag, Space Marines and more. You can even take these types of events to the next level, by running an inter-team tournament for your staff, with medals &/or trophies, too!

We are a fully-licenced venue, so there are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks available to buy, during your event with us - we can even build a drinks package into your event, if you want to provide refreshments for your staff.

If you want food while you are here, we can organise that for you, too! All catering is brought-in, from third party suppliers - so we can either organise something specific to your employees dietary requirements or you are more than welcome to arrange catering yourselves.

If you would like to know more or want to arrange an event your staff will talk about for a long time, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Case Study

Over the years, we have held many events - with groups as small as 8 and (currently) our largest being 400 people.

Vanquis Bank approached us to organise a team-building tournament for their staff - we had a chat, to find out what they wanted to achieve from the event and this is what occured.

The event ran over 3 days, during work hours, where 2 of their teams came down to our Bradford location at a time. Each staff member was given one of our membership keytags, which had been pre-programmed with their name (this is important for later). They then went into our arena for a solo/free-for-all “warm-up” game.

After the first game, they had a short break and refreshments, then  split into their respective teams, for a custom-built “Team vs Team” tournament game.

For both games, the staff members used their keytag to “log in” to our battlesuits and we livestreamed each game on Facebook, so that all their colleagues back in the office could see what was occuring. Because our equipment displayed the real name of each player, everyone back in the office could see exactly what was happening in the games and who was tagging whom, what the individual and team scores were, etc…

I was later told by the Vanquis management team that this fostered a lot of excitement in the office and with the players themselves, both before and after they had been down for their games.

Below is one of the livestreamed scoreboards. Other scoreboard streams are available on our YouTube channel.