Memberships at LaserZone are a great idea, even if you only come down once a month.

  • You get to pick a personalised alias, which will appear on the scoreboard and your scorecards, every time you play.
  • You can also pick a personal avatar, to go alongside your alias too!
  • Every game you play gets logged by our members terminal in reception and also uploaded to IPlayLaserforce (IPL) - See Below
  • You can also earn achievements, whilst playing games, all of which appear on the members terminal and IPL.
  • You get discounts on most game session pricing - (see the Prices page for details).
  • You can even link your membership to Facebook and the system will post up announcements, when you earn achievements in-game.
  • Memberships are valid at both LaserZone Bradford & Huddersfield.
  • You can also use your membership card at any other IPL enabled LaserForce site around the world and earn even more achievements too!

All this for only 20 pounds - There are also no renewal costs, as our memberships last forever!


How it works

Once you have your membership, you will receive your Membership Card and a LaserZone lanyard.

The card holds your “Unique Alias” and allows you to login to the Members Terminal and to the packs.

Before the game starts, members hold their card to the front of the vest and the computer will acknowledge them.

Also, when it’s your birthday and you login to a vest, you will receive a special greeting!

During the game, your “Unique Alias” and Avatar will be displayed on the scoreboard, instead of the regular vest name.

After any game, remember to check the Members Terminal, to see if you have completed any achievements and unlocked any new ones.

How it works


Alongside the local members terminal, every time you play a game, the stats get uploaded to the IPL website.

The website shows the top 100 players at each site, by games played. There are various options to view different game formats, high scores, etc…

You can also look at your own personal stats page, which shows you your game history, achievements earned and lots more too!

To do this, you will need your individual membership number.

You will find this number printed on the back of your membership card, just under your alias.

If you have one of our KidsZone memberships (a blue keyfob, rather than a members card), send us a message, telling us your name, alias, date of birth and the site where you received your membership fob and we will reply with your members number.