Redemption Arcade Bradford

Our arcade has a variety of machines, for all ages - including video  games (Terminator, Fast & Furious, etc...), Instant Prize games  (Stacker, Lighthouse, etc...), Pinball, Boxing Machine and lots of  redemption/ticket games too!

Some of our games accept cash and all of our machines work with our  Semnox "Ticketless" Card System - which means you won't have to carry  large bundles of tickets with you, while you are here - or more  importantly, it allows you to save up your tickets, over multiple  visits, if you want to get one of our bigger prizes!

With the card system, the more credits you buy, the more bonus credits  you can get free.

£10 Card = 40 Credits and 4 Bonus Credits (£1.00 Free)
£20 Card = 80 Credits and 10 Bonus Credits (£2.50 Free)
£50 Card = 200 Credits and 40 Bonus Credits (£10.00 Free)

Any credits you don't use and tickets you win, will be saved on your  card until your next visit.

The arcade is a great way to spend a bit of time before or after your  lasertag games or for anyone not playing lasertag and waiting for  their party to finish playing. ALSO! You don't have to play lasertag.  If you just want to pop down for a bit and play on the games, you are  more than welcome!

The prizes you can win, by redeeming tickets are also second to none.  We have items available from 10 tickets, so even if you are only going  to visit us once, there will always be something you can redeem your tickets for.

Our prizes currently include: 


Please Note: While smaller prizes may vary, according to availability from our suppliers - our top end prizes, such as the PlayStation 5,  Xbox-X, Drone, etc... will always be available, for those players who  save up their tickets for the big items.